Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mt. Lemmon

Last year when I was living in Tucson I had wanted to ride Mt. Lemmon, but never could find the time/companions to ride it with. When it reaches the 100s/40s before 10am, its hard to find the motivation. However this summer I managed to drag Adam from Bicas (the Tucson bicycle collective) up. We took the cut off shorts/sneakers/touring bikes approach as countless roadies on $5000 bikes blazed past. Apparently Lance Armstrong trains here in the winter, I understand why. We got to mile 17/6500 feet before turning around after running out of water (then found out there was water at mile 20 of 27). Next time I intend to make it to the pie shop at mile 25/9000 feet...

You can see the road below, and the fairly notable elevation gain in just a few miles