Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ghost bike memorial, San Diego, 08.08

I passed this ghost bike memorial whilst riding a notoriously scary piece of road in San Diego. I didnt know A-Tip or how it happened, but he was surely loved. Stencils, stickers, memorial ride cards, and numerous other pieces adorned his name. There has been an effort to start placing ghost bikes in Tucson, several of which are placed around the University/Downtown area. Perhaps they will start appearing in L.A. Hopefully a reminder for people to slow the fuck down and share the road, maybe.

Info on this memorial:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

May Day, Downtown Los Angeles 2008

Ok playing some catch up here obviously, given its now early August. After last year's "LAPD smackdown in the park" most were on edge to see how this year's May Day would turn out. Well Police Chief Bratton came out, a giant LAPD electronic billboard read "Welcome to May Day 2008: Please Follow Police Orders", and even the punx were co-opted by American Apparel and its bullshit legalization campaign. Soft politics unite!

Tucson has dope lightning storms...

...that I can never catch, so here is a stolen photo from Christina who was passing through town during a big monsoon storm that hit downtown. Not quite as dramatic as the lightning storm I was caught in at 8500 feet on Mt. Lemmon, or when I was almost hit by lightning and had to sit in the lightning crouch until it stopped striking the ground nearby in the ghost town of Ruby, 4 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. I've never been that close to pissing my pants in fear, well, its been a while at least.

What's the lightning pose you ask? Well it looks like this, and is often combined with the saying "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck"

And here are some soccer players getting a good dose of lightning splash...

Terra Nullius

I never got around to putting up photos from my last trip home in May of this year, 16 months after my last return. Too much to say about my return, and who cares what I have to say anyways, so here are some photos...