Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fire your boss!

One of the biggest days of surf hit this west-coast this week, so we headed out (along with almost every other person in California). Though it was bigger further south and up north, there was some good waves to be had in L.A. and Ventura. And being the first month of winter the 80/23 degree weather was tough to take

Looking off the point at Leo Carrillo

Getting out of the surf I noticed a sign had been posted while I was out (same beach, same day...)

Looking down the coastline from Point Mugu

Supertubes was actually working, so we stopped and watched. Apart from being at one of the most scenic points on the coast, on the odd day the point works, the waves are super hollow and long. It was about 10-12 foot

Meanwhile a car commercial was being filmed. The helicopter would swoop down along the coast and follow the car (police were blocking traffic for 5 minutes at a time so it looked like the coastline was empty in typical car-commercial style)

Two military radar planes returning back to base at Point Mugu airbase, completing the Southern California trifecta of surf, film crews and military

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