Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Rincon

Against better judgment and a severe lack of sleep, we traveled up to Ventura to surf Little Rincon/Muscle Shoals today. Its been a while since I've been scared in the water, but today did it, with a few 10 foot freak waves coming in. There were a few broken boards to be seen, and I got put through the rinse cycle at least once. It's an impressive spot to surf though, with a huge pier that runs out to an industrial island for oil mining, lined with palm trees to look more 'natural'. The coastline is a dramatic hill/mountain range, just across from the where the La Conchita landslide occurred a few years back. The dirt mound from the landslide with crosses on it still remains as a grim reminder.

I left my camera at home, but here are some stolen photos from a few years back. The size was only slightly smaller than you can see in the first shot. It was impressive to see the wave tearing through from the other side of the pier. Even better were the few who skipped paddling out and just sneaked around the fence on the pier and jumped the approx. 20 feet drop into the big waves pushing through.

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