Thursday, January 10, 2008

Viewing Platforms

A recent write-up on an exhibition in the L.A. Weekly caught my eye the other day, a series of photos of 'viewing platforms' from Germany, used by hunters to shoot game, in turn protecting local farmers crops. I came across these during the G8 protests as we were hiding in the forest. The structures were quite striking in the landscape, and interesting to me, as at the time I was unsure of their use. A few moments later I watched as a group of black masked kids tried to carry one through the forest and onto the road we were about to block, followed by being chased back into the forests by German riot cops, all entertaining in hindsight.

(all photos are the artists)

So I went to the gallery to check it out today, located inside the supposedly oldest book store in Los Angeles, with books costing well into the $1000s. I had joked to my housemate about meeting the artist to tell her we had destroyed one of her photographic subjects whilst fighting the cops. Well she walked in whilst I was viewing the exhibition, and my friend who happened to be working in the gallery mentioned I had a story for her, I'm not so sure how impressed she was by it.

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