Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fear of Grown Ups

Had to pass up on the S.F. anarchist bookfare, Justice Yeldham at the Smell, and a few other ongoings this weekend, but instead ate at one of the many vegan cult restaurants, and went to Paid Dues festival to see Sage Francis, Hieroglyphics, Dilated Peoples and others. We then spent the night sneaking in to a hotel and trying to get some sleep. Sunday morning we met my housemate and his partner at Crossroads cafe in Joshua Tree for breakfast, then drove in to Joshua Tree National Park to go rockclimbing for the day, all just a few hours out of L.A.

The park is unique for many reasons, but mostly as it is essentially the only place you can see Joshua Trees. The desert in this area is in flower currently, and apparently is a good year, though 2005 was the best after the huge rains. The Joshua Trees were in flower too. There was also some snow left on the biggest peaks, still strange to see snow while standing in the desert in 25c degree heat

Brian is quite the rockclimber, so he took us out and literally showed us the ropes (zing). We climbed two spots in the park, Thin Wall and Jumbo Rock, in between some short hikes.

Me climbing like a complete amateur in the afternoon sun at Jumbo Rock

Beeby and Vazquez racing to the top

Brian setting up the ropes up top, then showing us how its done
On the drive home we passed the giant concrete dinosaurs I've wanted to hang out at for years, alas it was night time and they have been taken over by 'creationists'

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Escarlata said...

Heavy lumps! Don't step on the rope. What's 25c? This is America, mate.