Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Justice Yeldham @ Hyperion Tavern

After initially thinking I had missed my fellow countryman Justice Yeldham during his tour of the U.S., I found out he was playing one last show last night at the Hyperion Tavern, a perfect setting for what unfolds during a JY set. The projected psychedelia films made amazing patterns across the glass as the performance went on

Flexing the glass and using finger tapping to change up the sounds

After breaking the glass across his head to make a smaller playing surface, the blood starts to flow

Once you get past the breaking glass, blood, spit and extreme frequency ranges destroying any remaining hearing you have, its really interesting to see the sounds he can get from the glass through finger tapping, flexing the plate, breaking pieces off, licking the glass, spitting and so on, all controlled through the use of some pedals and the contact mic/piezo disk attached to the glass. All combined with several Australian cultural connotations that most would not notice, but somehow make it all the more interesting to watch

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John said...

That's mental!

I don't know that I fully understand the intent, but it's an incredible spectacle.