Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feel my gonna f***ing puke

So last weekend was Matt's third annual "Feel My Legs, I'm a Racer" event, and this year instead of turning up still drunk and laughing at others, I decided to race, or er, attempt to finish. I'll spare the details and refer you to Matt's write-up/photos. All I can say is that no training, insufficient gearing, and general lack of ability meant my head was spinning constantly and I almost puked.

At the bottom of Quintero. You can see how all the cars tyres are turned towards the curb so they dont roll backwards down the hill

Getting whipped before the hill even starts, it was about a 1 mile gradual uphill before hitting the roughly paved Baxter, I almost got a point on this hill, almost...

Going up Fargo, the steepest of the lot. Not only did I get whipped, I slipped a gear, came to a complete stop and fell over sideways. Full points for style.

Tacking like a legless wonder on the second side of Baxter

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