Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bahia Kino

Last Friday I headed down to the Nogales site for No More Deaths, basically a tent located just inside Mexico at the Port of Entry at Mariposa, Nogales. Volunteers provide food, water and medical aid, for up to 600 people a day recently deported there.

After that, we drove two hours south to Benjamin Hill, where a local church prepares daily meals for people train-hopping from Central America and southern Mexico. The train lines converge here, so everyone gets off to then make their way to the border towns. The trains are incredibly dangerous, gangs often rob those riding the trains, and many people have been known to fall from the trains, losing limbs or their lives.

From there it was off to Bahia Kino, a short holiday planned by Dereka and Rocio. Bahia Kino comprises 'Old' and 'New' Kino, the new part being a thin line of holiday housing along the coast, whereas Old Kino is the traditional fishing community, comprising around 5000 people. We managed to find a car camping spot on the beach for $5 each in Old Kino. For the first time since visiting Indonesia in 1996 I found water that was too warm. There has been a recent outbreak of dengue fever in towns along the Sea of Cortez, so it was interesting (and somewhat discomforting) to see trucks driving round spraying buildings with some form of insect repellent at dusk

Car camping in Old Kino

Local fishing boats

In heaven my truck will be totally sweet...

Sleeping on the beach

Gone Baptizin'

The busier 'public' beach popular with families from Hermosillo

Driving back from Bahia Kino, in Magdalena, nearby to where the Zapatistas recently held an encuentro, you can spot the massive Virgin of Guadalupe in the hillside (as seen from the back of a fast moving truck)

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Matt! said...

Holy adventures! Great job documenting. I'm always quite impressed by your pictures!