Wednesday, August 8, 2007


After sticking it out in Agua Prieta for 2.5 weeks, it was time to get back to Tucson and then out to Arivaca. But before this I managed to sucker a few folks into a 4th of July trip to Bisbee, a small ex-mining town just north of the border, and about 20 minutes from Douglas. I was told this was the place to be for the day to end all days of National pride and idiots wearing flags, mostly due to its "alternative nature".

We were subjected to the highlights of the "rock picking contest", but sadly missed the downhill soap box derby race. During the excitement of the contest I noticed a guy with a "Bisbee Bicycle Brothel" t-shirt on, and so I had to ask what was up with that...

Turns out he owns one of the most amazing boutique/antique collectors bicycle stores, albeit in the middle of nowhere. The store apparently was a religious center underneath and beside two brothels, hence the name. Turns out he doesnt really sell anything, and just enjoys talking about bikes, which I think is pretty amazing.

Check out for some photos of the store.

The rest of the day involved copious amounts of beer, waiting two hours to get served dinner due to drunken patriotic chefs, and lying on the grass of the local church. God Bless America.

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