Monday, August 13, 2007

Roscoe Williams and Joseph Jarman @ Ford Ampitheatre

In September 2006 I attended the Roscoe Williams and Joseph Jarman show, put on by SASSAS at the Ford Ampitheatre. Roscoe and Joseph were members of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, but this was a special performance probably 40 years after the inception of the AEofC.

The Ford Ampitheatre is an amazing venue and space, set outdoors, with the stage set into the back of the Hollywood Hills. This was one of the most intense, enthralling, and at times difficult performances I have seen

Kamau Daaood performed a spoken word piece from his work The Language of Saxophones

They both peformed a solo piece, along with two long improvised sets.

You can watch the performance at:

More info on the artists:

(all photos taken from SASSAS)

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