Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ruby - Population 1

Some of the NMD volunteers visited the ghost-town of Ruby, about 30 minutes from Arivaca. Ruby is now managed by a guy called Sundog, who is the kind of guy youd expect with a name like that. The town was for mining, and after the mine closed the pit was filled with sand, burying a house with it. This resulted in an artificial beach forming, next to an amazing lake where you can swim

Right on sunset you can also witness more bats than youve ever seen before. 10's of thousands of bats live in a mine shaft and all depart at dusk, taking around 20-30 minutes to get out. There are so many swirling around to get out that it creates a draft, and the burning smell in your nose from the sulphuric-type scent becomes a little much to take

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