Thursday, April 24, 2008

House update - April

After tearing out all of the walls and ceiling of the landing around the staircase, we have managed to rewire upstairs so we have a light above the stairs and no longer risk falling down/up them during the night, and have hung most of the new drywall. Today we tore out another section of wall to build a new closet space in the weird space that is walled off between my closet and the landing space, and came across the chimney and 105 years of crustiness

Then Brian managed to fall off the ladder whilst hanging drywall above the stairs, impale himself on some tools, narrowly missing his kidney, and rush to hospital to get some stitches, much in the way I did after taking a dive through a bunch of beer bottles on my farewell party back in Australia all those years ago. The Fort Pigeon renovations continue...

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