Sunday, April 6, 2008

In An Absolut World

A fabulous piece of marketing from Absolut has the racists and terrorist conspiracy theorists up in arms, screaming they will boycott drinking Absolut, which I'm sure has the Swedes shaking in their boots, as everyone south of the apartheid wall clinks their glasses of Absolut in praise, salud!

(The map depicts Mexico and the U.S. pre-1848 before the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed, and the U.S. claimed what is now California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado from Mexico. The racists are all concerned there is a 'reconquista' occurring in the Southwest by Mexicans "invading" across the border)


LPS said...

I love this ad, from the same campaign, too:

Luz said...

i promise to take up drinking more absolut vodka to make up for all that sweet, sweet vodka that is being boycotted.

Escarlata said...

Badass. Absolutely.