Saturday, April 26, 2008

Velociraptors in my kitchen

I was almost eaten alive by this character today, but my ability to run and scream at the same time worked in my favor

Seriously, take a look at this size of this little fella (say in Crocodile Hunter voice)

In true Croc Hunter style, Morgan chased him till he dropped his tail, look at it, its the size of a house!

Luckily some arent big pansies and managed to catch him and release him into the wilds of our backyard, where I assume he will grow to the size of two houses and devour us all. Or the pack of rabid cats will take it on in a battle to the death


imogen said...

such a scaredy cat!

LPS said...

dude, i screamed just looking at the picture.

laura ilardo said...

maybe the size of a very small house :)